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Together, we discover your balance.

By Barb & Mort NIcholson

Build the Relationship You Truly Want

In Three Days or Less

How to get where you
want to be in your life

You know the butterflies you get in your stomach when you’re excited? Or the heart-racing feeling of exhilaration you get on a roller coaster? That’s your own personal energy bubbling up. Haven’t felt that lately? Learn to find and tap into this energy anytime you needed it. And the results are literally instantaneous. Is your life working for you? Or do you feel stuck, tired, blocked, scared, and even more? Barb and Mort Nicholson can show you how to get your life moving – and quickly – in the direction you want to go. And show you how to keep doing that for yourself.If you are an individual or business professional looking for a way to re-energize yourself or your business, Barb or Mort helps through:

  • belief coaching
  • ways to help you heal, that you can continue
  • ways for you to maintain your health and well-being

How we are different

Through our coaching, we fully embrace our mission to joyfully teach and model the conscious use of personal energy in our lives. We help people take their lives in new directions, gain new perceptions and points of view, and achieve the results they want. Put simply, Barb and Mort add ‘PEP‘ to your life!

Who needs PEP?


PEP helps people of all age and life stages. It requires no advanced training or athletic ability. It’s simple and fun and the results are literally instantaneous. You can feel its effects in just one session!

Tiredness.  Jet lag.  Health issues.  Aging.  Stress.  All of these can affect our energy level and keep us from accomplishing even the simplest of tasks.  Sustaining or increasing your energy level can help you be more productive, more focused and more harmonious with the world and people around you. We work with all types of people at all stages of their emotional, spiritual and healing journeys.  We help people learn to tap into their own personal energy to be more effective, productive, calm and confident.

Achieve Unlimited Energy

For parents and caregivers: Super-quick to implement and instantaneously effective.


Complement the physical workout for total mind and body conditioning.

Five Tibetan Rites

Preserve health, delay aging and navigate major life changes more gracefully.

Spiritual Communities

Find new ways to improve your spiritual connections.

Non-Profit Organizations

Regain confidence, increase trust in others, feel valued and important, and remain calm and strong.

Business Professionals

Achieve the professional success that you desire.

Repatterning the Truth

I am called Mort Nicholson. You can learn a bit more about me here,or simply put I believe in a quotation from Henry Ford “If you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right”. Note, I adjusted his word “think” to “believe”. My experience is repatterining,...


This is about a teenager, sent by his parents for help.  As often happens, people show up at energy practitioners’ doors as a last resort.  This is changing.  Good!  The amount of life people spend in some sort of pain (physical, emotional, spiritual, and so on), when...

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

A middle aged business women (although these days that is a wide range—younger, middle aged this time) was referred to me as someone who worked very hard and didn’t do well.  She consulted with non profit businesses.  She recognized she worked best in a business...


Rebelieving, as we practice it, uses Theta techniques to, with the clients permission, adjust belief patterns from what is limiting to what they would like, e.g., “I am powerless” to “I am powerful.” Here is an example where an Administrative Assistant, watching their...

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